Amari (Synthetic Unit)
Amari (Synthetic Unit)
Amari (Synthetic Unit)
Amari (Synthetic Unit)

Amari (Synthetic Unit)

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Although Synthetic, the compliments will be endless! This must have is customized to perfection. 

Unit is synthetic with a transparent lace.

Enjoy a custom synthetic unit that fits perfect on your head.

Enjoy a Dilciabynature signature cut on your unit.


Maintenance Tips:

• It can be worn with little or no styling. It can even survive in bad weather
• Do not comb the synthetic wig when it is wet
• Use products which are specifically made to suit the synthetic wig
• Use a synthetic hair comb and not a regular brush
• Be gentle with the hairpiece
• Just pat with a dry towel to dry incase it gets wet
• Place it on a stand or a cylindrical box keeping the shape of the synthetic wig in mind, when not in use. This protects the synthetic wig’s shape.
• Do not expose it to heat
• Do not try to style it using blow dryers or curlers which use the thermal principle
• Maintain hygiene of your hair to prolong the life of your synthetic hair.

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