The Edge & Crown Buddy: For 40-50% Edge & Crown Hairloss
The Edge & Crown Buddy: For 40-50% Edge & Crown Hairloss

The Edge & Crown Buddy: For 40-50% Edge & Crown Hairloss

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The Edge & Crown Buddy: For 40-50%  Edge Perimeter & Crown Hairloss   


Providing a strong foundation on Full Hair Installations.  Helps with hairline (edge) and crown thinning or balding.  On Sew-ins Choose from No Part or Free Part. Our Gripp Strip is  sewn onto the lining at the crown area and toward the nape for extra support.  Hand Made & Designed with larger squares for easy application as well as a more natural and comfortable feel.  

This item has our  gripp strips sewn onto the inside lining for support against sliding back as well as on the straps near the nape.   We package this unit with  our Signature Gripp Bands,  Protective Paddles and a Net. 

Also Included into the design is a gentle silk lace lining that will go directly onto the scalp.  There is an elastic band at the bottom nape area and two strands at the front for support while applying. You can use with closures, frontals and full lace units. 

Meant to be used for hairline (edge) and light crown damage only.  If you need coverage on 50-70% hairloss try  one of our other cranial prosthetic systems.


  • Size Lg.   23"  in Circumference
  •  Size Reg.  22"  in Circumference
  •    Size Sm.   21"  in Circumference
  • To find the circumference measurement us a tape measurer  around the edges of the complete scalp in a circle. 


We are no longer supplying free instructional videos. Please purchase your video if you need instructions. It works best to watch the video 3-5 times in different days. 

If needed, trim off excess materials around the ears with spring scissors. We are not liable for any injuries incurred from neglecting to follow our instructions. Do not use high heat or chemicals directly on The Weave Buddy.  

Returns must be sent back within four weeks of purchase. We only accept non-used, uncut units. Please send your item to: P.O. Box 7045 Chula Vista, Ca 91912.

A Patented Weave Buddy Design and Method: U.S. Patent No.  10,512,293